Fellow travellers
www.vtv1.nl/adriveforwildlife Website of Dirk and Nanda, about their journey through Africa.About their journey through Africa. Their plans and preparations show very much simularity with ours, accept that they travel from south to north

www.go4africa.nl Website of two Dutch couples travelling from Holland to South-Africa. They try to collect money with this trip for African projects.

www.africa-overland.net Website with all the overland trips that are going on.

www.deexpeditie.nl The website of Judith and Paul. We've used this website all the time to get information and way-points of campings and other interesting places. Also well written and very fanny..

www.getawaytoafrica.com The website of the South-Africa magazine Getaway with a travellers forum and all kinds of news for overlanders.

www.sahara-overland.com THE website for Sahara travellers with all the lastest news about all Northern African countries including border info. Also a section where you can put your questions.

www.dodo.com A nice website made by and made for travellers. Great tips for your next trips!

www.duksjourney.net Another overlander with an interesting story.

www.africaonwheels.nl Website of Aarnout en Janita. 1 November 2004 they leav for 8 months travelling through the beautiful continent, to end their trip in Cape Town. We had the priviledge to help them a bit with their preperations, so they will get there, off course.

www.overland.net Website of Bas en Ellie Noij. A beautiful and informative site and they are still travelling (end sept 2004).

www.popadd.com/ksv2africa Website of a South-African and two English driving to South-Africa using the same route as we do. We met them in Mauretania and from that time on we're travelling together. Their trip reports are more up-to-date than ours. They are fund-rising for an organisation Born Free.

www.imso.nl Willem Schuit of IMSO helped us with the waterfilter system. The system works perfectly.

www.eeziawn.com Website with information about roof-top-tents and awnings etc.

Informative sites
www.bornfree.org.uk Website of an organisation involved in keeping wild-life in the wild

www.minbuza.nl Website of the Ministerie of Foreign Affairs (Dutch).

www.africa-interactive.net Website about all kinds of Africa information. From photo's to news, weblogs etc.