Photo equipment: from beginner to ......
We have been to Southern Africa twice for a period of three weeks and both times we made approx.1000 (!) pictures. Can you imagine how many pictures that would be for twelve months. Calculating and realizing how much films we had to buy and how expensive the development of so many pictures would be we decided to go for digital. After asking professional photographers and reading about the pros and contras of digital cameras we bouth a Canon D60. Buying a Canon meant that we could use our Canon lenses... After a few months practising we decided to go for better lenses concerning light sensitivity and stabilisation. Dr. Woudenberg was a great help to decide what to buy (a 17-35 mm and a 100-400 mm objective). And of course we needed a tripod big enough for somebody of 2.07 m tall equipped with a camera head suitable for the D60 with grip (not all grips could support the D60 with grip holding the camera vertical). Again we go for the best and now we hope that the picture will as good as the camera. To learn about making photos instead "kiekjes" we enjoyed a photo club, which is very useful to improve your style. We are practicing a lot, which is easy with a digital camera because you can make as many picture as you want and judge later on what the best pictures are and how to improve.

Video camera
Despite the fact that one of us went to a video course we are no video people. Often we see people with a camera in front of their face during the whole trip. We did not want to see Africa through a video camera but looking at the videos of Kees and Sandra we decided to buy a video camera too. Looking at the films of difficult pistes and hearing the sounds of Africa makes your memories sharper. The camera we bought is a JVC DV1000 with DV in and out to simplify the connecting with the computer. We are storing and mounting the films on a computer to make it easier. We have no experience with filming and/or storing etc on the computer so that will be a challange during the trip.

In order to supply everybody who is visiting our website with real life, we'll try to install a webcam on top of the car. We have no experience in webcams too, so we hope for the best.